Drum Label Adhesives

Drum label adhesive needs to be permanent in order to adhere to the drums’ rough surface during shipping and in extremely cold or hot environments. Permanent self-adhesive labels are designed to stick to the product in all conditions and it is impossible to remove them without tearing them and leaving sticky residue on the surface of the product. For drum labels it is the best to use aggressive high tack permanent adhesive, because these adhesives very quickly and tightly stick to the surface.

Some manufacturers, though, prefer removable self-adhesive labels. Removable adhesives are also supposed to have a very powerful adhesive capacity, but they are designed to be removed from the product’s surface without tearing or leaving any glue or marks on the product’s surface. This ensures that the label will be removed without any problems upon drum recycling.

It is important to know that there is no universal drum label. The choice of drum label stock and adhesive will depend on the type of drum, its content and its shipping/storing conditions.